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Do you like to learn Dutch? Do so, it’s fun! It’s a versatile language originated from a versatile little country. Here on ToLearnDutch.com you’ll get the best overview of available resources on the internet.

This website does not contain everything made to teach you Dutch. We try to update new resourcees regularly. If you find anything that will fit this website, please submit.

  4 Responses to “Have fun”

  1. I really need to learn dutch but don’t no how. Suggestions and recommendations will b highly appreciated.
    Many regards,
    Joy Slavia.

  2. Thanks for setting up this site!

    I’m trying to learn Dutch with Duolingo and Laura Speaks Dutch. Unfortunately, the Laura Speaks Dutch pages are unavailable – apart from the front page.

    This has been going on since before Christmas, do you know if there’s a problem with it?

    All the best, Alex :)

    • Hi Alex,

      To me the Laura Speaks Dutch podcast is still available. Since I don’t own the website of Laua Speaks Dutch, I cannot say if it was temporary down.


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